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Shino Yanai The Deep End

Shino Yanai’s art practice draws on traumatic historical events to critique the power of the state and the aesthetics of nationalism.
In her performance piece ‘Blue Passages’ (2016), she traces the final footsteps of German Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin as he tried to escape the Nazis. Appearing with an Olympic torch, like a ghost from a Leni Riefenstahl film, Yanai makes the arduous journey across the Pyrenees to the border-town of Portbouーthe site of Benjamin’s suicide. The multi-screen presentation of this performance is a meditation on death, reflecting on the inexorability of history and the toxicity of state propaganda.

Exhibition information

February 8 (Fri) ー March 10 (Sun), 2019
Social gathering:February 16 (Sat) 17:30ー19:00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Public Holidays 12:00ー19:00
*The opening hour is irregular for 5 days due to the 3331
March 6 (Wed) 14:00ー20:00
March 7 (Thu) ー March 10 (Sun) 12:00ー20:00
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