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Minoru Nomata has been creating every kind of structure, nature and city appearance by drawing figures; taking away the borders between reality and the imaginary world.
Nomata’s detailed visions have continued aiming for a light that realizes shapes and appearances, while at the same time he has been devoting himself to the depiction of light itself.
In his recent 2017 works, organic spheres began to appear on his canvases replacing the balloon architectural motif that he had created several times in the past, stimulating the viewer’s imagination with objects floating in the air or moving through space.

In 2018, Nomata is aiming for creations that seem to make us feel the fetal movement of new kind of image that differs from his previous paintings. Since acquiring his own expression of “light,” he has seemingly captured and started to depict a primordial sign that is going to be formed, as it were, similar to “Ki” or airy energy. In early Spring, feeling the breath of life in March, we are looking forward to the arrival of his newly conceived painting creations.

Exhibition information

March 7 (Wed) – May 27 (Sun), 2018
Reception: March 10 (Sat) 18:00–20:00
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Public Holidays 13:00–19:00
*The opening hour is irregular for 5 days due to the 3331 ART FAIR 2018
March 7 (Wed) 15:00–20:00
March 8 (Thu) – March 10 (Sat) 12:00–20:00
March 11 (Sun) 12:00–17:00
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